Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Yoga Pants

If anyone else out there is ridiculously short or abnormally tall (which really, I cannot even imagine), I thought I'd share that I just got some great yoga pants at Target.  They come in short and tall sizes, as well as "normal" and they were marked $27.99 but are actually on sale for $19 right now.

I decided I deserve new yoga pants, since I'm going to yoga twice a week now.  I usually wear capris because I get way too hot in long pants.  But Stacy and Clinton always say that if you are short you should never ever wear capris.  And aesthetically, I know they are right.  Temperaturely, I wear capris anyway.

These pants came in both lengths, and I decided to buy one of each.  I wore the longer pants today, and honestly, I was too hot.  But I looked thinner.  So I might just have to be hot more often!

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Jennee said...

If only I had a target nearby! I live in yoga pants!