Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alert the Media

I may have figured out the only good thing about this heat.

My interest in food is pretty much extinct.

I'm finding the idea of most food pretty repulsive. Cereal for supper sounds reasonable. I am thinking of starting a smoothie diet. (with yogurt not ice cream-for the record)
In my new job, in our new building - with no central A/C - I am showering in the morning (as is my normal routine) and then 10 minutes into my day - I'm wondering why I even bothered with make-up, hygiene or hair styling.

I'm trying to make the most of this momentary "break-up" with food. I figure that even if I am eating odd foods - if I focus on limiting sugar, boosting fiber and focusing on calorie free drinks - then I hope to make some progress with the scale. Sadly, I can not bring myself to embrace salads. I'm kind of gagging just thinking about the idea of eating one. Yuck.

Do you find your diet changing with the heat?


Wyatt said...

For sure...more liquids, more fruit, salads sound really good and ice cream...and it's not even that hot in Portland..LOL

Wyatt's Mom

Holly said...

Okay, you are lucky because the heat makes me want to sit inside and snack all day. Dang it!

I think it needs more turbinado. said...

I end up binging at night. :/

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