Sunday, September 16, 2012

On My Back

A lot of interesting things are happening along my journey these days.  I'm not saying I'm trying to lose weight or on a diet or whatever.  But a few weeks ago I stopped drinking diet soda, or stopped drinking so much of it, and it's created a ripple effect.

I drink a lot more water.  I eat a lot more "whole" foods and less processed crap.  Real food just tastes better to me now.  It's what I crave.

And I'm being more active.  Walking, doing some yoga, swimming (or I was before my pool turned into a giant vat of ice water).  I even started jogging a little along the way this week.

I haven't even weighed, because I know that derails me.  But I can tell clothes are looser, and I feel better about myself.

I've had troubles sleeping for years now.  Various reasons, I'm sure, but one is that I always used to sleep the soundest on my back.  And I got to where I couldn't sleep on my back anymore, because I would snore and wake myself up.  I've wondered whether my extra weight had something to do with this or not.

I'm not entirely sure that's it, but I do know this.  I woke up this morning flat on my back from a sound sleep. And not because I was snoring.  So, I'm calling that progress.

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