Monday, July 2, 2012

Closet Cleaning

Where have I been from the blogging world?  And how come none of my clothes fit me anymore?

Life has been pretty chaotic lately.  And my yoga teacher moved.  And somehow I stopped eating food that actually

Cheetos and M&M's are a perfectly reasonable supper.  Aren't they?  I mean corn, and cheese, and antioxidants?  Or something.

Anyway, I decided to clean out my closet last week, and it was horribly depressing.  None of my clothes fit me.  I had this vision of taking anything out of my closet that doesn't currently fit, look nice, feel good, etc...  Sadly, this wouldn't have left me with much.  And it would mean getting rid of some clothes I really like.

So, I ate a salad last night.  I ate some fruit this morning.  I've been swimming in my pool.  Not laps per se, but I kind of walk around in circles, do leg lifts, crunches, some yoga poses in the water.

Speaking of water, I'm pulling a radical trick and drinking some.  Not crazy amounts, but like a couple glasses a day, as opposed to three or four diet sodas.

We'll see how it goes!  I haven't stepped on a scale or anything.  Just want to get into some of my clothes again.

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