Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Yoga Teacher is Moving

And my first thought was, "How could she do this to me?!"

Like as if it's about me.

I kind of suspected this was coming, but I think I was in denial.  It hit me like a ton of bricks the night I found out.  To the point that I cried through half the class like a fool.

She's been teaching me yoga for four years.  And I adore her.  (Have I told you that before?)

I have learned so many things from her.  I can't even count the various poses, breathing exercises, and modifications she has taught me that I just do instinctively now, as if I've never not known how.

Tonight at class I heard so many people telling her how much they'll miss her, how much they have loved her class, how they are selfishly so very upset with her for daring to have her own life, and for letting that life take her away from our little yoga class.

It made me think, please let me live the kind of life that makes people that upset whenever I leave them.  That is a pretty good legacy to leave behind.

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Unknown said...

I'll miss her too. I love going to her classes when I'm in Warrensburg. Yes, that's a good goal to have, to touch so many lives.