Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Diet Plan I Do Not Recommend You Follow

It's the "I'm So Upset I Can't Eat" diet. It pairs nicely with the "All I Want to Do is Whine on the Phone and Pace around the House" exercise plan. I don't recommend it, but I'm pretty sure it's working. At least it's working better than the "My Job is Making Me Fat" plan I was on previously.

See, I found out yesterday that I'm losing my job. I work about three more weeks, and then our office is closing down. Which sucks.

I mean, it always sucks to be fired. Or "let go" as they are calling it. I know it's no fault of my own. I'm being repeatedly told that. The state budgets were cut. Our funder's budget was cut. And they, in turn, cut our program. As in, cut it off completely.

This is the first job I've ever had that I truly liked. And I've been there over six years, which is the longest I've ever had the same job. I know I complain about it, especially here lately, but honestly, I've loved it. At least I did until maybe a year ago.

Things have kind of gone downhill the last few months. And the last few weeks, with budget cuts looming, have been excruciating. Everyone has been stressed and looking out for themselves. And the uncertainty has been very hard to live with. At least now I know.

Anyhow, I went to yoga tonight, and promptly burst into tears and spilled my guts to my yoga instructor. She's a doll, and she calmly listened, was appropriately horrified, and gave me a big hug.

I truly did feel much better by the time class was over. So, maybe I can turn this new found free time into more health and fitness success. We'll see.



Jen R said...

That's a hard blow, but often, bad news like this can be the catalyst for positive change.

Do the grieving thing (it's allowed) but then see what you can spin this into!

Regina said...

I am on a similar plan - look at food, think about puking, forget to eat, etc. It's not recommended but maybe transition is the secret accelerator for weight loss?