Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two Down!

I lost two as well!!! At least we are off to a good start. I did walk a few days this week and do a lot of outside work around the house, plus my son insisting I play baseball, kickball and football with him like 3 nights in a row helped quite a bit. I highly recommend a day at Powell Gardens for those visiting the KC area. We spent the day there yesterday walking around their new Harvest Garden area. I had a healthy home grown vegie lunch and lots of walking for exercise. I think I did pretty well with my goal to get back to being a vegetarian, at least 90% of the time. The only day I ate meat was at my sons "Back to School BBQ". The only food available was hot dogs, so there wasn't much of a choice. Last night I had a nice night out with my hubby, finally saw the new Harry Potter movie and a delicious dinner at our new favortie Indian restaurant. I felt full but I didn't stuff myself. I guess my new goal for the week is to stop eating when I feel full. I know that sounds crazy but I came from a home where you finished all the food on your plate. I need to learn to back away from the table when I feel full. Oh the best part of the weekend is... my husband is FINALLY working on our downstairs bathroom. He's been putting it in for over a year now. These days are few and far between. Keep your fingers crossed I have another two pounder week. I'm seeing my family next weekend who I see maybe once or twice a year and rarely invite me to family get togethers. Cheers!


Janet said...
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Janet said...

Sorry, I commented and them realized I used your husband's actual name, and I wasn't sure you'd want that. lol

Anyway, what I said was, I'm not sure whether to be happier for you about the two pounds or about getting him to work on the bathroom. Either way, sounds like you're having a great weekend!

rebecca said...

yeah! i gained 2 ounces...*sigh* so i got on the treadmill today and i need to cut the bread!!!! we'll see how well i do this week when i weigh myself next week.