Saturday, July 6, 2013

Breaking My Own Rules

I've been up to a variety of things---and the theme seems to be, "if you would never consider doing it, better try it out".  I have previously HATED Zumba.  I was intimidated by the whole idea of being in a class and not being good enough / able to keep up.  And honestly, the idea of sweating with strangers is something I have not been able to wrap my mind around ---and people PAY for these classes!

And then I joined a fitness program with the city that was a couple of events a month...I thought it was a walking group in different locations around town.  Turned out the kickoff event was a 2 hour Zumba class!

I spent a large amount of the first class laughing.  I did get sweaty, but I wasn't "good".  And I was baffled that everyone in the room knew the routines.  The second event was to be outside, but bad weather made it inside...and it was Zumba again.  I was much less nervous this time and actually found that I remembered bits and pieces of the dances.  And this small dose of success is all it took to make me fall deeply in love with the classes.

I started going to the regular classes with friends - and soon, I had to muster up the courage to attend alone (previously a thought that has caused panic).  I've been going a lot.  Often alone - I kind of like going alone now.  And I've felt confident enough to work my way up to row 4.

I've also decided to try Yoga - my work is offering a free class - it is at a very inconvenient time, at an inconvenient location and smack dab in the middle of the day.  I have previously done one Yoga DVD - I thought it was frustrating, too fast, not enough instruction and overall confusing.  I committed to trying the live class once - totally prepared to hate it, and three weeks later I'm loving it enough that I've requested it at my own location - so beginning in August I will be plugging it into my calendar twice a week.

And finally, I attended a Title Boxing Club class.  This also scared the crap out of me - I was seriously concerned about collapsing on the mats mid-class.  And during class this thought did re-enter my mind.  But I enjoyed it.  I have a free 7 day pass and hope to use it as much as my sore muscles will allow...haven't quite wrapped my mind around the cost associated with the club.

Overall, trying these new things has brought variety to my exercise - sometimes enough to make me LOOK FORWARD to it!  And I have often been surprised by how strong I am---that I'm not the worst one in the class and that I can push myself in ways I just couldn't explore without the peer pressure of an instructor / class.

And best of all - all of these sweaty experiences are showing up on the scale!  Perhaps my rebel spirit will be the secret to my weight loss?

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Janet said...

Look at you with all your classes and blog posting! I'm glad one of us is on the ball at least. I still haven't tried Zumba, but I'm thrilled that you are liking yoga and have one close to you now. Yay!