Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Underwear

I have big boobs and I cannot lie...!

Okay, seriously, I'm having issues with my undergarments.  I posted before about how somewhere early into this weight loss journey, I realized all my underwear is too big.  But really, the more serious concern is my bras.

I wear a bra size that is not readily available in stores.  Like I finally went and got fitted at a specialty store an hour and a half away from my house, and ended up paying crazy amounts of money for matronly bras that actually FIT.  And from there, once I knew my actual size, and a few brands that fit me well, I've been able to order more online here and there.

But you know how you always see those cute little bra and panty sets in stores?  Yeah, I can't wear those.  Won't even begin to cover my situation.  And on the very slim chance that a bra I'm buying comes with underwear at all, it's likely huge grandma panties.  Not sexy.  Besides, I'm really short.  So, if I wear like briefs, or even high cut underwear, I've got two inches sticking out the top of my jeans.  Again, not sexy.

So, for the last several years, I've just dealt with ginormous grandma bras and bikini's bought in a six pack at Wal-mart.  (Oh, don't even get me started on the situation with Victoria's Secret changing their cotton underwear after many years of fabulousness.  Someone should be fired.)

Well, the other day, I was browsing ebay, and I found that if one is persistent and sleuthful, one can find bras in my size that are not so matronly, and rarely (but it happens!) one can find panties that match said bras.  !!!!!  So, now I'm on a mission.

I ordered one set so far, and it came yesterday, I think from Sri Lanka, or some equally obscure foreign place.  Not the highest quality, and the bra isn't really supportive enough for every day.  But, they're pretty!  Yay!  I have a few other brands saved in "my ebay" and I'm thinking tax refund means more lacy shiny things will be coming my way.

I deserve pretty underwear.  And I'm pretty sure you do too.

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