Sunday, December 4, 2011

Showing Up

I was talking with my mom the other day about our yoga teachers.  It's no secret that I adore mine and think she's fabulous.  And I've been making an effort to go at least once per week, even if that means going to the harder class.

I've been successful for a month straight now.  Yay!  But some days it's sooooo hard to drag myself out of the house.  Somehow when I was leaving work (maybe even leaving work a little early!) to go, it was easier.  Now that I'm working at home a lot, and now that class is later in the evening, it seems like a huge effort just to make myself GO.

Mom said her yoga teacher has something she says at the start of every single class.  "Congratulate yourself for showing up on the mat today."

I think that's fabulous!  Some days I really feel that way.  Like making myself SHOW UP is such a huge accomplishment.  Whatever I do beyond that point is just gravy.  And it applies to more than just yoga class.  Sometimes just showing up for work is the best I can do.  Some days showing up the kitchen to fix dinner is huge.

So whatever your day entails, congratulate yourself for showing up!

Most awesome song I heard while working out:  Glee cast version of Defying Gravity.

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Karen Peterson said...

Some days it really IS just about showing up. Keeping up the habit is just as important as working your butt off.