Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diets Can Make You CRAZY!

Of course, I am not speaking from experience - as you can see from my ticker (which is moving in the WRONG direction) - I am CLEARLY NOT on a "diet".

However, recently, I have decided to torture my dog - oh, I mean - improve the health of my dogs by adjusting their food servings based on the weight they SHOULD be. It's not shocking that we quickly found we were overfeeding. Isn't this a big part of many of our weight problems? It's not WHAT we eat - but that we've been eating 2.5 servings per meal.

So, we began adjusting their food. For one of our poochies - this meant only getting 1/2 CUP of food for the whole day. I swore they were going to starve. And they agreed. They would quickly devour their food and then look at you like you were insane - they even developed some mind games to try to trick different family members to believe that they had not yet been fed.

The good news? No one starved to death. Their energy increased. Our oldest dog even has the energy to toss her food around and pretend like it is alive. They've played more and they've actually lost weight. Well, ONE of them lost weight.

I discovered just the other day - that the OTHER dog - who shall remain unnamed - may have been caught sneaking food out of the dog container. I couldn't figure out why she looked heavier, but clearly - she's been snacking! (let this be a reminder that good meal servings can be sabotaged by snacking)

So while most of the results were good - I did notice that the dogs were flirting with insanity. When it is food time - it is FOOD TIME! There is no joking around. There is no distraction that can take their mind off of it....they will rip your hand off if you offer them a grape, a shred of lettuce, or heaven forbid - a dog treat! Food is very serious business to a dieting dog and they may paw your leg until you bleed if you don't take the hint.

Still hoping to find the "diet" that doesn't inspire insanity....(for me and the dogs).

(Dogs pictured are not mine - when mine are crazy there is no time to grab a camera!)


Wyatt said...

Great picture..haha! Maybe the dogs can supplement the kibble with some fresh veggies. Just like us moms! Wyatt and Stanzie love carrots, fresh peas, berries and cherry tomatoes. :)

Wyatt's Mom

Janet said...

I used to just leave food out all the time, and my dogs ate whatever when they were hungry. I fear I have now given them an eating disorder by limiting their food. It all started when we got the first foster dog. It's like they suddenly feared not getting enough. Yes, I agree, diets make one CRAZY.

Karen Peterson said...

Good advice for people AND pooches.

I wish my mom would stop overfeeding her dogs. It's sad to see how chubby they've gotten.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

extremely fun post. :-)

thanks for sharing.