Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Just Not a Good Time to Diet

I've read before (sorry, I can't point to where, but I've seen it more than once) that a woman should start a diet after her "time of the month" and never before.  Just better to let the hormones work for you, rather than against you.

Yet, here I find myself, deep in the throes of PMS, and trying to start back on that Rapid Start Plan again.  It's not going so well.

I had raisin bran and coffee for breakfast.  A big salad, with only two tablespoons of dressing, for lunch.  A cup of light yogurt for a snack.  And then...a cookie.

But then, baked tilapia, cold slaw with low calorie dressing, and fat free baked beans for supper.  And then...a cookie.

R must be hormonal as well, because he followed me into the kitchen and promptly ate seven miniature Reese's cups.  But then he ate some grapes.  And when I commented that we weren't doing so well on our diet, he said, "Hey, at least I'm eating fruit."

All in all, I figure the majority of our choices today were healthy.  I know we got more vegetables in than we would have on a typical day.  I'm calling it a win, given the timing.


Wyatt said...

Yay for veggies!
Hey, several years ago, I did the Weight Watchers program. Really loved it. You know what I did at night when I felt like treats.....microwave popcorn(the light kind), I'd eat the whole bag. And diet hot cocoa when I was craving chocolate. We also made pudding pie with sugar free pudding and light graham cracker crust. I just always had some treats around that could get me through those times...I hated going to bed starving!
It sounds like you are doing great!

Wyatt's mom

Brian said...

Don't think of it as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle change to improve your health for the long haul!

Diane said...

It's always toughest in that week before. The treats, whether they are in the house or not, call to me. I feel your pain.
Sounds like you did better than you think though. You made good food choices, and two cookies is better than the whole bag. :-)